“Science” Announces Its Breakthrough of the Year: Artificial Intelligence’s Protein Structures for All!

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Yesterday, Science announced that its “Breakthrough of the Year” was the work of artificial intelligence programs DeepMind and RoseTTAFold which are leading the world in predicting protein structures, the building blocks of life.   One year ago, software programs first succeeded in modeling  the 3D shapes of individual proteins. This summer, researchers used those AI programs to assemble a near-complete catalog of human protein structures. Now, researchers have upped the ante once again, unveiling a combination of programs that can determine which proteins are likely to interact with one another and what the resulting complexes of the cell look like.  These programs are currently providing invaluable insights  into SARS-Covid specifically the Omicron variant spike protein.

Below is a brief article describing the work of DeepMind and RoseTTAFold.

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