Trapani, Sicily!

Fishing Piers in the Trapani Port


Dear Commons Community,

Trapani is an old port town in Sicily. We walked through its historic center that houses many small churches and palazzos. The streets are very narrow and cars cannot fit on many of them, making them ideal for walking.

While there are several large churches and cathedrals, some are rather small with enough space to seat no more than fifty or so parishioners. One of these churches (San Guiseppe) is being used to restore sculptures for the other churches. In the cathedral and in several of the larger churches you can see the results of these restorations. In the Chiesa del Purgatorio, there are life-size, very colorful statues depicting the stations of the cross. They rest on platforms covered in purple bunting. The platforms with the statues atop are used as floats during Holy Week processions that wind through the streets of Trapani.

We finished with lunch overlooking the fishing piers at the foot of the port.


Street in Trapani

Workers Restoring Statues at San Guiseppe Church

Restored Statues in Chiesa del Purgatorio


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