Fox News Analyst Brit Hume Describes Trump’s “Incoherent” Interview with Bret Baier (Video)!

Donald Trump and Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Clash in Heated Interview

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Last night, I watched Bret Baier interview Donald Trump.  I thought Trump’s answers for the most part were a rambling mess.  Brit Hume, Fox News analyst, came to the same conclusion. 

Here is a recap of Brit Hume’s comments courtesy of the Huffington Post.

Longtime Fox News analyst Brit Hume didn’t hold back on Monday after Donald Trump’s performance during an interview with the right-wing network.

“His answers on the matters of the law seem to me to verge on incoherent,” he told Bret Baier, who spoke with the former president.

Trump, who pled not guilty last week to 37 charges related to the classified documents scandal, said he didn’t give back the material when subpoenaed because he’s been “very busy” and hasn’t had the time to go through the boxes to sort out his personal items.

Hume attempted to sum up Trump’s comments to Baier:

“He seemed to be saying that the documents were really his, and that he didn’t give them back when he was requested to do so and when they were subpoenaed because, y’know, he wasn’t ready to because he hadn’t sorted them and separated the classified information or whatever from his golf shirts or whatever he was saying.”

Eventually, Hume practically gave up trying to decipher it.

“It was not altogether clear what he was saying, but he seemed to believe that the documents were his, that he had declassified them ― evidence to the contrary ― and therefore he could do whatever he wanted with them,” he said. “I don’t think it’s gonna hold up in court.”

Hume also noted that Baier gave Trump a chance to deliver a message to the suburban female voters that turned against him in 2020.

“His answer was to talk about how he didn’t lose the 2020 election,” Hume noted. “I don’t think that’s an appealing message for the future.”

He said the interview probably didn’t go over very well among those trying to advise the former president.

“I’m sure his legal and political advisers were wincing all the way through his answers on both those points.” he concluded.

See video of Hume’s comments below.


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