Gavin Newsom Schools Sean Hannity on the Economy in Fox News Interview!

Gavin Newsom, Sean Hannity Talk Ron DeSantis, Homeless Crisis, More On Fox  News – Deadline

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom refused to bow out in defense of his home state as he pushed back at Fox News host Sean Hannity during a  portion of their interview.  

Newsom, in previously-aired footage of the interview, didn’t hold back his thoughts on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decisions on migrants while he also went to bat for President Joe Biden.

Hannity hit the governor with questions on business in California before Newsom fired back at claims that one company – Tesla – abandoned their HQ in the state to “save money.”

“They moved their headquarters back. They moved their R&D world headquarters back just three weeks ago. Why did they do that?” Newsom asked.

“They’re moving to increase their profits and save money because you tax too much,” the host replied.

“Because we created the conditions where they flourish and then they get to a point of maturity and they get to a point of becoming multinational companies,” Newsom added of his home state.

“Because some find greener pastures or are looking for defensive postures as it relates to economic risk. But there’s thousands – we have a 47% increase in business startups this year compared to last year.”

Hannity later argued that businesses were “paying that high tax bill” in the state before the California governor went after the host’s take.

“California is on its way to becoming the fourth-largest economy in the world. What are you arguing for? Mississippi’s economic policy?” asked Newsom as he spoke over Hannity’s attempts to interject.

“Literally, that’s what you’re arguing for. The great Sam Brownback’s Kansas policy? It was a debacle, no economic growth. Seventy one percent of the GDP in America are [in] blue counties with progressive policies. Seventy one percent of the country’s wealth. Seven of the top-ten dependent states are your states. We’re subsidizing your states, Sean, because of your policies.”

Newsom has it right!



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