Eight New York Times Columnists Admit Their Mistakes!

Admitting to Mistakes Leads to Greater Productivity - C-Suite Network Advisors

Dear Commons Community,

Eight New York Times opinion columnists revisit their incorrect predictions and bad advice — and reflect on why they changed their minds.

They hope that in doing so, they can be models of how valuable it can be to admit when you get things wrong.

“I did my research. I read, watched, I talked to the experts. I formed an opinion, and I wrote about it. I was wrong!” 

Below are links to their confessions.



I was wrong about inflation by Paul Krugman

I was wrong about Al Franken by Michelle Goldberg

I was wrong about capitalism by David Brooks

I was wrong about the power of protest by Zeynep Tufekci

I was wrong about Trump voters by Bret Stephens

I was wrong about Chinese censorship by Thomas Friedman

I was wrong about Facebook by Farhad Manjoo

I was wrong about Mitt Romney by Gail Collins


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