Had Surgery on My Broken Ankle Yesterday at the Orthopaedic and Specialty Surgery Center in Danbury, Co.

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Dear Commons Community,

Yesterday, I had surgery to repair my broken ankle at the Orthopaedic and Special Surgery  Center in Danbury, Connecticut.  Two screws were needed to put my left ankle back together.  Dr. Yariv Maghen performed the operation and as of right now, I feel much better.  I hope to say the same after the pain blocking medicine wears off.

The Orthopaedic and Special Surgery  Center opened a couple of years ago and it is the first time I have been treated there.  It is owned by doctors including several of whom belong to the Somers Orthopaedic Group that has facilities in four locations north of New York City. and with whom I have been a patient for 16 years. I can only say that I was completely satisfied with the services I received at the Center from everyone including receptionists, administrators, nurses, and doctors.  All knew their professions well and treated me in a most competent and efficient manner.  The ambience of the entire facility breathes with care and consideration for the patients.

If you have the need for any orthopaedic surgery, I highly recommend this facility.

Lastly, I thank my wife Elaine, my family, friends, colleagues, and students who have been good enough to send me get well wishes.  It means a lot!


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