Donald Trump’s Campaign Slogan – “Vote for me if I haven’t managed to kill you yet!

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Dr. Arthur Caplan

Dear Commons Community,

Dr. Arthur Caplan, Director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU School of Medicine in New York City, was on a panel yesterday on CNN discussing the uncontrolled spread of coronavirus in a number of states in our country.  The panelists including Dr. Caplan came to the same conclusion that President Trump has said and done everything wrong in dealing with the pandemic:  “It will go away;”  “You don’t have to wear masks;”  “99% of coronavirus cases are totally harmless;” etc.  As the segment drew to a close, the panelists were asked for their closing comments.  Caplan gave a beaut.  He said Trump should have as his presidential campaign slogan:  “Vote for me if I haven’t managed to kill you yet!”


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