Thank You to My Students as Our Semester Ends!

Dear Commons Community,

I want to thank my students at Hunter College this semester for their participation and willingness to adjust to the move of our courses to online mode during the coronavirus pandemic.  Last week, students submitted their final papers, and on Tuesday and Thursday evening, they made brief presentations of their projects using Zoom.  Since our abrupt switch to online mode back in March because of the coronavirus, we had to make a lot of adjustments to how our course was conducted.  Using asynchronous discussion boards on Sunday through Tuesday and Zoom sessions on Wednesday worked fairly well but only because there was enthusiastic participation by just about all of the students.   I would also mention that most of my students teach in New York City public schools and had to completely readjust their schedules as they moved to remote learning for all of their own classes. 

If you would allow me a self-indulgence, here is a comment from one of my students on how the course went:

“I just wanted to say that this has been a great class and no better one to really wrap up our two years in this program. It was different from the other courses we have taken and I felt that you really gave us opportunities for open discussions and real conversations which I’ve gained so much from. In addition, I really enjoyed the selection of articles and case studies for the discussion board. I thought the process of reading, responding and then responding to a partner was a smooth way of engaging us. We have come far  but still have a long way to go! And finally, I really enjoyed the Zoom platform to meet for online classes. Although we weren’t able to meet in person for the remaining semester, this platform and your teaching still allowed us to freely participate in conversations and discussions without any major restrictions.

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