2018 Midterm Elections: Democrats Catch a Win but Not a Wave!

Dear Commons Community,

For those of us who stayed up last night to watch the election returns, we saw the Democrats win the majority in the House of Representatives, the Republicans picking up seats to solidify their majority in the Senate, and state and local elections splitting with the Republicans winning the governorship in Florida (Rep. DeSantis defeated Dem. Gillum) and Democrats winning it in Wisconsin (Dem. Evers defeated Rep. Walker).  Votes were still being counted in the hotly-contest governor’s race in Georgia between Rep. Kemp and Dem. Walker).

With the Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives, President Trump will be waking up this morning to a new dawn in Washington politics as he now has to find a way to work (maybe compromise) with the Democrats.  It is the first time since he became president that he will have a major branch of government looking to rein in his independence.  The Democratic-controlled House will likely also be aggressive in supporting and maybe pursuing investigations of Trump, his cabinet and his family in terms of ethics, Russian collusion and obstruction of justice matters.

Here in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo led the charge of Democrats winning the majority of state and local elections.  The Democrats also won a majority of the seats in the state senate which will give them control of the assembly, the senate, and governorship.

The New York Times has a website where you can check out all the major election results.

In sum, it was a win and after 2016, a good win for the Democrats.


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