Fox News’ Shep Smith on Trump, NATO, and Putin!

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The news media yesterday was on fire with coverage of Donald Trump’s visit with NATO members.  Surprisingly, Fox News’ Shep Smith had one of the most critical analysis of Trump’s comments. Here is a recap.

In response to President Donald Trump’s breakfast rant at the NATO summit in Brussels, Shepard Smith devoted the first segment of his Wednesday show to reminding Fox News viewers of the importance of the NATO alliance.

“President Trump upended world order in a way no American president has in modern history,” Smith said at the top of his show. “He attacked our closest allies. He berated them and insulted them. He labeled Germany captive to Russia. And he blasted NATO agreements that date to post-World War II.”

Before launching into a quick history of the alliance, Smith warned viewers that Trump’s “unprecedented” behavior could have lasting damage and derail several decades of diplomatic progress.

“President Trump’s utterances not only open the door for a new system overseas,” he said. “They could also turn back the global clock centuries.”

Trump kicked off the NATO summit by accusing member states of being in debt to America because of delinquent payments and failing to contribute their fair share in defense spending. He also lashed out at Germany in particular, accusing the nation of being “held captive” by Russia.

“The Germans are our close friends and treasured allies,” Smith said in response.

The Fox News host boiled down Trump’s attacks to one point: Russian leader Vladimir Putin is likely pleased with Trump’s disruption.

“One thing is certain,” Smith added. “Vladimir Putin would like nothing more than for our NATO alliance to fray. For friends to fight among themselves as we do today in historically unprecedented fashion. For it is NATO that is the best defense against Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin in Helsinki, Finland, early next week. The highly anticipated sit-down will involve just the two world leaders with translators.

Aides and journalists will not be allowed to listen to the exchange. Ahead of his Europe trip, which involves the NATO summit and a visit to the U.K., Trump told the press that his meeting with the Russian leader may be “the easiest of them all.”

Shep Smith has taken stances in the past in direct opposition to the Fox News mantra to support Donald Trump no matter how outlandish or foolish his pronouncements.


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