Port of Amalfi

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Amalfi may be a case that the best was saved for last as far as beautiful small Mediterranean towns are concerned. Amalfi is nestled in a small mountain chain and its port provides this attractive welcoming to ships. Many houses appear to be just hanging off the cliffs that rise from the center port area.

The major point of interest as it is in so many southern European towns is the cathedral.  In Amalfi, the main square and shopping area forms a piazza around what is referred to as the Complex of St. Andrew in Amalfi. The Complex includes a cloister, a garden, a crypt, a museum, the bell tower, the old and new cathedrals. The buildings combine  Romanesque and Baroque styles of architecture.

This was our last evening of the cruise. We leave shortly on our fifteen hour journey by ship, bus, plane, and car service for home.  My next posting will probably be on Wednesday when I am back in the States.

Ciao, Amici!


Amalfi Cliffside Homes

Complex of St. Andrew of in Amalfi

Garden Adjacent to the Cloister

Sunset on Our Last Evening

Nightfall on Our Last Evening on the Ship

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