What Works Clearinghouse Project!

Dear Commons Community,

I spent all day yesterday and will being doing the same today attending meetings with colleagues from the United States Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and ABT Associates for the Using Instructional Technology to Support Postsecondary Learning project for the  What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) series of publications. 

We are reviewing findings from approximately 30 randomized controlled studies on the following topics:

1. Use technology to package and deliver content in ways that accommodate multiple learning styles
2. Use technology to increase students’ access to resources to support learning 
3. Use technology to restructure course formats to optimize and/or accelerate student learning 
4. Use technology to engage and support students by facilitating communication among students and between students and faculty 
5. Use technology to create opportunities to apply knowledge and practice skills 
6. Use technology to support student comprehension, metacognition, and mastery of content 
7. Use technology to keep students engaged in class and provide immediate feedback.

Very interesting discussions and I am learning a lot.


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