Thank You: Yesterday This Blog Reached 5 Million Visitors!

Dear Commons Community,

Yesterday morning, the counter on Tony’s Thoughts reached five million visits.  When I started this blog in November 2009, I never imagined that there would be such interest in what I had to say.  Actually I had assumed I would blog for a few months and then move on.  I still cannot fathom that in the past eight years, I have made almost 3,600 posts.  

I thank colleagues and friends who have made suggestions on topics and issues for my blog.  I thank Matt Gold and the staff at the CUNY Commons who have provided this wonderful resource for us to share our interests with one another.  I thank my wife, Elaine, who has to listen to me in the morning about what I might want to write and blog about.

In sum, thanks to all of you!


One comment

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