Seville Day 2 – Plazas!


                                        Plaza de los Reyes Early in the Morning

Dear Commons Community,

We spent the day walking several of the plazas that are the social centers for old Seville.  The Plaza de los Reyes (Plaza of the Kings) is dominated by Seville Cathedral which during this Holy Week season attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. 

The Plaza del Triunfo is just a short distance away and is quite beautiful.  It also has a small park on one side which provides relief from the heat.  Yesterday the temperature hovered near 90 degrees.  The Archives of the Indies that borders this plaza, holds over 80 million documents going back hundreds of years.

At night we walked cobble stone streets and alley ways.  Seville is as beautiful at night as it is during the daytime.

We leave tomorrow for two days in Granada.


                                                                            Plaza del Triunfo

                                                                                  Archives of the Indies 


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