Bruce Chaloux!

Bruce Chaloux

Dear Commons Community,

On Saturday, the Sloan Consortium lost one of its leaders with the sudden passing of Bruce Chaloux.  Bruce assumed the position of Executive Director of the Consortium a little more than a year ago and was making great progress in moving its goals and programs forward. Bruce was totally committed to the Consortium’s mission of providing access to education via quality online learning.  Before coming to the Consortium, Bruce had a long career at the Southern Regional Education Board and Virginia Tech University.  Beyond the Consortium, Bruce supported a range of issues and causes related to educational opportunity.

Bruce and I had been colleagues for about fourteen years based mainly on our common interests in instructional technology and higher education.  I will miss Bruce and our discussions about family, grandchildren, and baseball.  Bruce was an avid Boston Red Sox fan and I a Yankee fan.  We gave each other a lot of good-natured ribbing about the ups and downs of our respective teams.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Bruce’s family especially his wife, Barbara!


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  1. Bruce was one of the great ones, someone who, as Meg Benke said in another context, was particularly committed to cultivating the next generation of leadership on online teaching and learning. Always pleasant, incredibly productive, always moving things upward and onward, Bruce will be deeply missed.