Mitt Romney Has Made so Many Compromises…He Doesn’t Have a True Self Anymore!

Dear Commons Community,

Maureen Dowd has an interesting post-presidential debate column today in the New York Times.  She takes shots at both President Obama and Mitt Romney.

On Obama:

“Obama’s endless odyssey of self-discovery, where he rattles around in his own head, trying to figure out who he is…”

On Romney:

“If Romney gets to the Situation Room, will we see Cipher Mitt, the vessel of the neocons? Or will we see Moderate Mitt, chastising the hawks…It’s impossible to know. Mitt may have made so many compromises to get the prize that he doesn’t have a true self anymore. And that’s the scariest thought of all.”

Dowd also suggests that a fitting conclusion to this election would be if it ended in an electoral college tie with Mitt Romney then being elected president by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Joe Biden elected vice president by the Democratic-controlled Senate.  “And we can count on good ol’ Joe devoting himself to tormenting President Mittens” for the next four years.



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