Copenhagen: Tour, Old University, Historic Synagogue!

Dear Commons Community,

Arrived in Copenhagen this morning.  We took a tour of the City and visited a number of sights (Little Mermaid, Queen’s Palace, Tivoli Gardens).  All were impressive and interesting.

We also took the advice of our friend, David Podell (Marymount Manhattan and CSI) and took our own walk to the old part of Copenhagen.   Several large pedestrian malls crisscross this part of the city.  Very charming and fun.  The two most impressive visits were to the “Old” University of Copenhagen and the Synagogue of Copenhagen.  The Old University houses a huge beautiful library as well as busts of some of its luminaries including the physicist Niels Bohr.  Fine tribute to its faculty.

The Synagogue of Copenhagen is historic because it was its rabbi just before World War II who alerted the Jewish community that the occupying German forces were getting ready to round them up and send them to concentration camps.  Most of this community was able to escape to the country side where they were hidden by the Danish underground.  Great history.

Fine Visit!