Mitt Romney Wins Michigan and Arizona: What’s next?

Dear Commons Community,

Mitt Romney won the Arizona primary handily and edged out Rick Santorum in the Michigan primary.  By doing so, Romney averted a disaster.  However, the question is what has he actually won.  With all of the close primary races and some losses, combined with brutal campaigning on all sides, Maureen Dowd characterizes Mitt Romney as limping across the finish line, “so he can devote his full time and attention to losing to President Obama”.   She also commented that:

“With Sanctorum and… Romney in a race to the bottom, the once ruthless Republican Party seems to have pretty much decided to cave on 2012 and start planning for a post-Obama world.

Not because Obama is so strong; simply because their field is so ridiculously weak and wacky.”

Regardless, people continue to be interested in the Republican presidential primary and will follow the candidates on to Super Tuesday on March 6, 2012, when there will be 437 delegates on the line.  Anything can happen in such a long, drawn out election.



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