PSC Responds to the Governor’s Executive Budget!

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On Tuesday, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled the New York State budget for next year.   Public higher education was not identified for any significant cuts or new funding.  The Professional Staff Congress (PSC) issued an email to its membership yesterday essentially verifying that the proposed budget is close to the amount that CUNY requested.  On the plus side, it appears that there will be funding for health insurance for adjunct faculty.   However, built into the request was also a scheduled increase in tuition.  Below is the PSC statement and a link to commentary by PSC President Barbara Bowen.



PSC Statement on Proposed Budget for CUNY

The PSC is heartened to see that the Governor’s proposed budget for CUNY comes close to the amount CUNY has requested for CUNY senior colleges. It is about time Albany began to stabilize funding for CUNY. This crucial investment, however, is part of a budget plan that relies on a 30% increase in tuition over five years and leaves base aid for CUNY community colleges at its current reduced level. During the next few months, the PSC will work hard with the Legislature for a final budget that lifts that level of funding.

And we are happy to announce that the Governor’s proposed budget includes funding for adjunct health insurance, at CUNY’s request. Inclusion of the requested funds in the proposed budget is a major step in the process toward achieving permanent, equitable health insurance for CUNY adjuncts, and we thank the Executive Office. But the process is not yet complete. Now we must work with CUNY, the Legislature and the Governor’s office to ensure that the funding remains as part of the final budget. Thank you to the hundreds of PSC members who have fought for adjunct health equity for years—this victory is yours.

Read Barbara Bowen’s Statement.

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