Bill Clinton – Esquire Interview!

Dear Commons Community,

Bill Clinton has given an interview to Esquire Magazine commenting on the current state of presidential politics and the upcoming election.  Among his statements in the interview:

“I think Barack Obama will be the next president. I think he will win. Because I think that whatever feelings the American people have about their own conditions and however much they may wish he had moved more quickly, I think that they will conclude that it takes a long time to get out of the kind of economic distress we were in… And I also think, based on what happened in 2008, that once he gets an opponent in the general election, I think except for Fox and the conservative outlets, the media will tilt back toward him. The coverage won’t be as anodyne and evenhanded as it has been.”

Regarding the Republican candidates:

“Neither one of them [Mitt Romney or Newt  Gingrich] can say what they believe to be true and get nominated. Romney’s still trying to figure out what he did as governor of Massachusetts.”

Good insights!






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