CUNY Board of Trustees Call Special Meeting to Vote on Tuition Increase!

Dear Commons Community,

As was posted yesterday on this blog,  Judge Eileen Rakower signed a temporary restraining order blocking the $300. tuition increase that was to be implemented in September 2011.  The reason for the restraining order appears to be a procedural matter in that the motion increasing tuition was voted on by the Executive Committee and not by the full CUNY Board of Trustees.

In response, the CUNY Board of Trustees has called for a special meeting on August 3rd at Baruch College to vote as a full board on the tuition increase that was passed earlier by its Executive Committee (see email below from Sandi Cooper, UFS Chair).  Assuming a majority of the Board vote in favor of the tuition increase, this would effectively comply with Judge Rakower’s ruling.



Dear Colleagues

…a special meeting of the entire Board of Trustees is now scheduled for August 3 to vote on the tuition resolution which passed an Executive Committee meeting of the Board but which a judge ordered stopped until a full court hearing could be held.

The judge’s order was based on the argument, made by Ron McGuire and three students, that the Executive Committee lacked authority to pass a major policy change without full Board review.

As you can see, the meeting will occur at Baruch College.

Sandi E. Cooper, Chair, University Faculty Senate — CUNY

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