New artificial intelligence model forecasts the weather in a flash!

Prestigious science journal Nature publishes paper about Pangu Weather AI  Model authored by HUAWEI CLOUD researchers - Huawei

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Science Magazine and Nature  are reporting  that a model using artificial intelligence (AI) forecasts global weather as accurately, and more than 10,000 times faster, than the best system in use. The conventional model, run by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, is computationally intensive, requiring hours of supercomputer calculations to produce a 10-day forecast. The new AI-based model—named Pangu-Weather and developed by Huawei, the Chinese tech giant—improves on previous AI-powered models by simulating weather at different altitudes in minutes, with results reliable out to 10 days, researchers say. The research team trained the model on 39 years of historical weather data; the system is untested yet using real-time observational data. Another AI-based weather model, GraphCast, described by Google DeepMind in December 2022, also outperformed the European system.


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