Filmmakers Use ChatGPT and AI to Create Trailer for Next Star Wars Movie!

An AI-generated Star Wars trailer is causing a stir on social media, sparking conversations about how AI could impact the film industry. (Credit: YouTube/Curious Refuge)
An AI-generated Star Wars trailer, featuring an array of celebrity faces like Scarlett Johansson, is causing a stir on social media and sparking conversations about how AI could impact the film industry. (Credit: YouTube/Curious Refuge)

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A short time ago in a galaxy not so far, far away…

A team of filmmakers had the crazy idea to let an AI bot imagine what the trailer of a Wes Anderson-helmed Star Wars film could look like. The result, The Galactic Menagerie, took Twitter by storm faster than the Millennium Falcon making the Kessel Run.

Created by director Caleb Ward on behalf of his video production company, Curious Refuge, the one-minute clip (see below) has been viewed nearly 2 million times on Twitter and 1 million times on YouTube since its April 29 release, prompting thousands of retweets and comments while polarizing fans.

As Ward tells Yahoo Entertainment, the film only took a few days to produce, thanks to AI image generator Midjourney, which created all the visuals, and ChatGPT, which wrote the script. Ward then edited the resulting clips on his laptop into the final product.

“I was curious to see how AI tools could be applied in a filmmaking context, so I decided to combine various AI tools to create a single video,” says Ward, noting that the idea was inspired by the success of the Harry Potter by Balenciaga videos, an AI-generated series of Harry Potter clips that went viral in April.

“In a way, AI was the director, I only played a supporting role,” he says of the process, stressing that “the core idea, script, shot list, scenes, animations, description and tags” of the trailer were all conceived using AI tools. “Instead of hiring a voice actor, I used an AI voiceover generator for the VO artist. Whenever I needed a script, I simply asked ChatGPT to write one.”

Looking ahead, Ward believes we’re going to see “a plethora of reimagined characters from the Star Wars universe and beyond,” all created through AI tools, appearing in movies and shows.

“As a fan, I’m very excited for this new creative chapter in storytelling,” he adds. “I love the conversations that this video has started and hope to continue to work with filmmakers explore the storytelling possibilities of AI and teach aspiring storytellers how to unlock their creative potential.”

May the AI be with him!


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