Elon Musk Says He Plans to Demo Implanted Wireless Brain Computer Chips (Neural Implants) in One Month!

Elon Musk's Neurolink: Harbinger of the “Nib”? – Shirley DicKard

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Elon Musk said in a tweet yesterday that he has pushed back by a month the date for Neuralink’s “show & tell” event to November 30th.

Co-founded by Musk in 2016, San Francisco-based Neuralink aims to implant wireless brain computer chips (also referred to as neural implants) to help cure neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s, dementia and spinal cord injuries and fuse humankind with artificial intelligence.

Musk said in a 2019 presentation that Neuralink was aiming to receive regulatory approval for trials to implant chips into humans by the end of 2020, but the company has yet to receive such an approval or bring a product to market.

Musk approached brain chip implant developer Synchron Inc about a potential investment after he expressed frustration to Neuralink employees over their slow progress to win regulatory clearance for its devices.

A lot of attention is being paid to Musk’s venture to develop neural implants.  It can be groundbreaking or a bust!


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