Donald Trump crying that the January 6th Committee is “going after children” – Give us a break!

Trump kids in legal hot water

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Former President Donald Trump is crying because the House committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riot is requesting that his daughter and former senior adviser Ivanka Trump cooperate with the probe, and accusing lawmakers of going after “children.”

“It’s a very unfair situation for my children. Very, very unfair,” Donald Trump told the Washington Examiner in an interview for an opinion piece published Friday.

“It’s a disgrace, what’s going on…And they don’t care. They’ll go after children.”

Ivanka Trump is not a child. She is, in fact, a 40-year-old adult woman with children of her own.

Trump’s niece  Mary Trump commented yesterday that he and his daughter are out to primarily protect themselves in the intensifying investigation into the Capitol riot in January 2021 and would turn on each other to do that if necessary,.

Ivanka Trump, was at the White House on Jan. 6 and may have critical information about her father’s actions that day, is in a “very bad situation because she must understand that if Donald feels it’s necessary he will stop protecting her,” the former president’s niece told MSNBC’s Alex Witt.

His daughter is “making the same calculation: What will help her in the long run?” Mary Trump explained.

Investigators probing Trump Organization finances are also seeking to talk to Ivanka and her brothers Eric Trump, 38, and Donald Trump Jr., 44.

All three of his adult children have held senior positions in the Trump Organization.

“The whole ‘she should be protected because she’s his child’ is absurd on its face,” Mary Trump said. “She owes the [Jan.6] committee truthfulness about what happened that day because it is crucially important that we know what happened that day.”

“As a government employee … who was there that day and wasn’t taking any direct action that we’re aware of to stop what was going on … she knows she has to come down on the right side of things, or she’ll continue to stay her father’s ally and then she’ll have to see how that plays out,” she added.

She added: “Donald isn’t playing the card that she’s his child to protect her. He’s doing that to protect himself because he knows she may, indeed, have potentially damning information.”

She pointed out Ivanka Trump wasn’t simply Trump’s “child,” but a senior White House official serving the nation. “She has information” — particularly concerning last Jan. 6 — “that the American people deserve,” said Mary Trump. “She worked for the American people, not her father.”

Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen also said on MSNBC on Saturday that father and daughter will look out for themselves first in both the Jan. 6 probe and ongoing investigations into Trump Organization finances.

Asked if the former president would protect his daughter from the probes, Cohen laughed: “Not a chance.”

As for the former first daughter, Cohen noted she is “very much like her father: Ivanka is interested only in Ivanka.”

It is incredible that Trump and his family were in the White House for four years.



  1. its unfourtunate of what he could of done for the world as president having access to an imense amount of money and how he has shamed himsellf with his shelfishness and the position he once held The people who followed the lie knowing it was a lie are no better Sad reflection on man greed and money and in the end no matter who we are we cant bring it with us The people that could have been helped – I wouldnt have supper with this man even if he paid for it