Podcast: Untangling Adaptive Learning with Chuck Dziuban and Patsy Moskal

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On Saturday, July 31st, my colleagues Chuck Dziuban and Patsy Moskal will be doing a podcast on adaptive learning for the Silver Lining for Learning organization.  If you are at all interested in this topic, I think you will find this podcast most informative.  Chuck and Patsy have done a substantial amount of research on adaptive learning as part of their work at the University of Central Florida’s Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness.

Below is the abstract.


Episode #69. Saturday July 31, 2021, 5:30 pm EDT

John Carroll’s 1963 article, “A model for school learning,” in Teachers College Record has been cited more than 5,100 times. That conceptual model regarding school learning designates a leading role of time in student achievement and degree of learning effectiveness. Carroll looked at the actual time needed for learning and the time actually spent in deriving his learning equations. Fast forward nearly 60 years later to 2021 and researchers are using Carroll’s ideas to design adaptive learning programs and systems for education. In Episode #69, Chuck Dziuban and Patsy Moskal from the University of Central Florida (UCF) will explain the implications of Carroll’s model for education as well as their research studies and findings to date on adaptive learning. Their paper, Adaptive Learning in Psychology: Wayfinding in the Digital Age, was recipient of the of the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) quality research paper award in 2017. Patsy, Chuck, and their colleague Tony Picciano and I have just signed a contract with Taylor and Francis for a book on learning analytics and adaptive learning.

Adding some spice to this session, Chuck and Patsy have spent decades conducting research on blended and fully online learning, resulting in several edited research volumes on blended learning; the newest of which, “Blended Learning Research Perspectives, 3” is currently in press (see image below). With blended learning as the starting point, their work in the “Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness” (RITE) in the Division of Digital Learning at UCF will be discussed as well as the history of faculty training programs for blended and online instruction. Such training programs at UCF are internationally known.

Finally, the second half of this episode will highlight their research on a scholarship program for low income communities in Central Florida called the Tangelo Park Program. This success story has seen significantly reduced crime in Tangelo Park since inception in the early 1990s. It has also resulted in 100% high school graduation rates as well as high levels of college attendance (“78 percent of those who remain in the community and attend a four-year institution will graduate with a degree, either directly or through a community college”). And there’s more such success data! We will have a conversation with Chuck and Patsy about the key components of this program as well as its potential sustainability, replicability, and scalability.


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