Video: 1,824 Drones Light Up Olympic Games in Opening Ceremony!

Dear Commons Community,

As international singers performed John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the athletes of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were treated to a stunning drone show that resulted in a revolving globe (see video above) in the sky. 

It was  the best moment of the Opening Ceremony, which officially kicked off the rescheduled competition yesterday. As more than 11,000 athletes from 206 countries looked skyward, 1,824 drones lit up to form the Tokyo 2020 emblem. And within a few minutes the drones had turned into a revolving globe. 

The theme of the Games this year is “United by Emotion” and is meant to reflect the unifying power of sports. The drone globe was a never-before-seen visual display that was raved about on social media Friday morning. 

Let the games begin!




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