Tucker Carlson Outed by New York Times as Leak Who Dishes on Trump and Fox News!

Dear Commons Community,

This is hard to believe but according to the New York Times Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, who routinely rails against the mainstream media on his prime time program, is a secret and frequent source of leaks about Donald Trump and his own Fox News.   The article entitled, “Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source” holds nothing back in baring  Carlson’s duplicity.

“Mr. Carlson, a proud traitor to the elite political class, spends his time when he’s not denouncing the liberal media trading gossip with them,” wrote media columnist Ben Smith. “He’s the go-to guy for sometimes-unflattering stories about Donald J. Trump and for coverage of the internal politics of Fox News (not to mention stories about Mr. Carlson himself).”

He wrote that Carlson’s willingness to dish is an “open secret” in Washington. 

Smith said he trades messages with Carlson himself, and said 16 other journalists from outlets other than the Times had all said Carlson has been a source, with three calling him a “great source.” 

Please read the article.  Its incredible!


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