Giving a Keynote Address (Virtual) Tomorrow at 9:00 AM at Ibn Zohr University in Morocco!

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Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9:00 am (EST), I will be giving a keynote address entitled, COVID-19 and higher education’s  future:  ISSUES of technology, finance, student access, and faculty governance, at the 2021 ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on ICT-ENABLED EDUCATION, sponsored by the Faculty of Languages, Arts and Human Sciences in Ait Melloul, ERET and CLAS LAB, Ibn Zohr University in Morocco.  It was originally planned to be in person but because of COVID is being offered virtually.  The Zoom link to the Conference is:

The Facebook page for the conference is:

Below is the abstract for my presentation.  Please stop by if you have the time.  By the way, a colleague, Randy Garrison, from the University of Calgary, is also on the program.



Keynote Session

COVID-19 and higher education’s  future:   ISSUES of technology, finance, student access, and faculty governance       

Presenter: Anthony G. Picciano, Professor, Hunter College and Graduate Center, City University of New York

This session will speculate on the future of higher education in light of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on higher education. Specifically, it will consider how the pandemic will accelerate the development of online and blended learning in our colleges and universities.  It will further examine the implications of this for student access, higher education finance, and faculty governance.

Prior to COVID-19, higher education was slowly evolving to online instructional models based on man-machine interfacing using AI infused adaptive learning programs and cloud-based applications, The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted, some would say wreaked havoc, on our global society and all of its organizations including education. Colleges and universities moved quickly to online and blended learning environments.  Publicly funded institutions saw budgets curtailed as policymakers diverted funds to health services needed to fight the ravages of the pandemic.  Students had to make rapid decisions on how they would pursue higher education goals and ambitions. College administrators sought to forsake many well-established faculty governance processes in order to provide some semblance of an education to students, many of whom were not prepared for online instruction.

This presentation will review the issues above and consider their effects on the future of higher education in the short-term and long-term.

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