Advice to Joe Biden:  Stop Making Major Coronavirus Commitments in First 100 Days – Get it Right Not Fast!

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The Elusive Coronavirus

Dear Commons Community,

On the heels of major vaccine developments, Biden committed yesterday that his team will get “at least 100 million COVID vaccine shots into the arms of the American people in the first 100 days.” 

“This will be the most efficient mass vaccination plan in US history. I credit everyone who has gotten us to this point, but developing the vaccine is one herculean task,” Biden said.

“Distributing it is another.”

This is on top of his pending nationwide 100-day mask mandate. 

Last week, in selecting Miguel Cardona as his nominee to lead the Department of Education, the president-elect  pledged to reopen  schools within his first 100 days in office amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks in part to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, presidents’ first 100 days are seen as an important benchmark — their first chance to deliver on campaign promises and get to the business of governing before public opinion shifts (and elections start to get in the way). 

But none have faced a never-before-attempted vaccine distribution plan amid an economic crisis — on top of Biden’s own other ambitious policy goals.   In addition, in order to roll out almost any new national coronavirus initiatives, Biden will need the support of the state governors, many of who are Republican and may not be as cooperative as he would hope.

My advice to Joe Biden is stop promising that many of the coronavirus problems will be corrected in the first 100-days.  If anything, the coronavirus has taught us and Dr. Anthony Fauci has commented that it is elusive and plays by its own rules.

The emphasis should be on getting our plans to fight this virus right NOT fast! And be prepared for setbacks!


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