Only Take a Coroniavirus Vaccine if Anthony Fauci Says It Is OK!

Anthony Fauci: Trump hasn't called me for ten days | News | The Times

Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dear Commons Community,

Over the past several weeks,  we have heard President Trump boast that a vaccine for coronavirus may be available before the election. 

Yesterday the CEOs of nine major biopharmaceutical companies pledged that they would not rush a vaccine unless it was absolutely safe.

My wife and I are in our seventies, we have been taking flu shots every year for decades.  However, we will not take a coronavirus vaccine based on the recommendation of either Donald Trump or the big pharma companies.  Donald Trump has zero credibility in talking about coronavirus and infamously suggested ingesting bleach a few months ago as a cure.  I appreciate the pledge from big pharma but they have had issues in the past.  We cannot forget the Sackler family and the OxyContin maker, Purdue Pharma,  for fueling the deadly U.S. opioid epidemic.

My wife and I agree that we will gladly take a coronavirus vaccine only if Dr., Anthony Fauci recommends and endorses it.  We highly recommend that others especially those in high risk groups do the same.  As far as we are concerned Fauci tells it like it is and is one of the few people in Washington who can be trusted when talking about coronavirus.



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