Video: Vote for Our Lives – America Has One Last Chance!

Dear Commons Community,

A new video entitled, America Has One Last Chance (see above)  shows what’s on the line in the next four  months in the presidential election contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“This November, America has one last chance to save this country,” the text on the screen reads. 

The footage contrasts Trump’s words to current events, including the administration’s flawed response to the coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, and includes comments from fed-up voters along with the hashtag #VoteForOurLives.

The video was made by Eleven Films, an Oregon-based media company, and is set to a song called “The Dangerous Ones” by Kasey Anderson.

As we get ready to commemorate the 4th of July tomorrow, we might take a moment to think about the message in this video.


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