People in Italy sing National Anthem outside their windows to raise moral during the coronavirus lockdown!

Dear Commons Community,

Italians in a neighborhood under lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus gathered on their balconies on Friday evening to express solidarity and encourage each other by singing the national anthem together.  Then came the piano chords, trumpet blasts, violin serenades and even the clanging of pots and pans — all of it spilling from people’s homes, out of windows and from balconies, and rippling across rooftops.  And yesterday afernoon, a nationwide round of applause broke out for the doctors on the medical front lines fighting the spread of Europe’s worst coronavirus outbreak.  As reported by the New York Times.

“It was from our hearts, to say thanks and show that we can get past this,” said Emma Santachiara, 73, who came out onto the terrace of her apartment in the Monteverde section of Rome to clap with her granddaughters.

Italians remain essentially under house arrest as the nation, the European front in the global fight against the coronavirus, has ordered extraordinary restrictions on their movement to prevent contagions.

But the cacophony erupting over the streets, from people stuck in their homes, reflects the spirit, resilience and humor of a nation facing its worst national emergency since the Second World War.”

Our prayers are with them and with people all over the world whose lives have been disrupted by this virus.


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