Joe Biden Rolls in Primaries: Wins Four More States including Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho!!

Dear Commons Community,

Joe Biden is pulling ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the Democratic Presidential Nomination by winning four of the six states that held primaries yesterday.  Biden was projected to win handily Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho.  At the time of this posting, it was too close to call who would be the winner in Washington and North Dakota. With yesterday’s result, Biden is building a sizeable lead in the delegate race (see above) with 863 pledged delegates to Sanders’ 663.

Some Key Questions:

  • With yesterday’s results, will Sanders pull out of the race?  Not likely anytime soon.
  • Is there a path for Sanders to win the nomination?  It is slim and would require a massive turn in the minds of the Democratic Party voters.
  • Will Sanders support a Biden candidacy?  Yes.
  • Will the debate scheduled for this Sunday still go on?  Yes but without an audience due to coronavirus.

Congratulations Mr. Biden!


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