Huge Win for Boris Johnson and Brexit!

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Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party won a commanding majority in Parliament yesterday, paving the way for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union next month. On the other side, the opposition Labour Party suffered its worst showing in more than 80 years, putting enormous pressure on its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to resign. He said today that he wouldn’t lead the party into another election but would stay on for the time being.

In Scotland, the success of the Scottish National Party on Thursday is likely to intensify the debate over its independence from the United Kingdom. 

Mr. Johnson ran on a promise to “get Brexit done,” a platform that seemed to win over areas that had traditionally voted for Labour (see  map).  One of Mr. Johnson’s officials, Priti Patel, said that the government would introduce legislation to complete Brexit before Christmas. But Britain’s departure would still probably not happen before Jan. 31, the date agreed upon with the European Union.


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  1. This could mean the end of the United Kingdom and, more broadly, a challenge to the post-WWII ideal of a united Europe. Boomers are leaving quite a set of challenges for the Millennials and GenXers.