At ACCELERATE: Come By My Session Today – Online Education’s Next Twenty-Five Years:  Will the Academy Lose its Sense of Purpose?

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Dear Commons Community,

OLC’s ACCELERATE Conference will be in full swing today with workshops, presentations and a keynote address. Yesterday I was at meetings with the OLC Board of Directors.  In the evening, the Board had dinner with the OLC staff during which there was good spirit and acknowledgment that the staff had done a remarkable job this year.   

I will be doing a featured session today entitled,  Online Education’s Next Twenty-Five Years:   Will the Academy Lose its Sense of Purpose? I assure you that the panelists and I will provoke you to think critically about where higher education fueled by technology is heading.

Below is the abstract, time and place.  Please stop by if you are at the conference. I would love to see you!



Featured Session

Online Education’s Next Twenty-Five Years:   Will the Academy Lose its Sense of Purpose?

Time: Wednesday 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM
Location: Southern Hemisphere 2

A panel of leading educators will speculate on what the next twenty-five years will bring to online education.  The discussants will consider both the near future (2020s) and more distant future (2030s and beyond) and will explore advances in adaptive technology, brain-machine interfaces, and artificial intelligence on teaching and learning.  These evolving technologies have the potential to change the traditional role of professionals in our colleges and universities to the point that educators will have to redefine their purpose as teachers, administrators, and researchers.

Moderator: Anthony G. Picciano, Professor, Hunter College and Graduate Center, City University of New York


Elizabeth Ciabocchi, Vice Provost for Digital Learning at St. John’s University

Julia Lynn Parra,  Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University

Michael Torrence, President of Motlow State Community College



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