Weather Forecaster Al Roker Rips Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin for Sending Wrong Message to Students for Staying Home during Record-Breaking Cold Temperatures!

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The polar vortex hit here in New York last night plunging the temperatures to -1 degree.  In the midwest, it was much colder with temperatures in the minus double-digits.  At least nine deaths have been linked to the vortex sweeping across the Midwest and Northeast. Yesterday, Chicago dropped to a temperature reading of minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit. In preparation for these frigid and dangerous conditions, many schools were wisely closed.  However, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, stated that America was “getting soft” for closing schools in the Midwest in anticipation of the record-breaking low temperatures.   The Republican governor appeared on 840 WHAS radio on Tuesday and said that he was concerned closing schools due to extremely cold weather was “sending messages to our young people that if life is hard, you can curl up in the fetal position somewhere in a warm place and just wait until it stops being hard.”

Weather forecaster Al Roker had little patience for Bevin’s dumb comments.  As Roker was giving an updated weather report  on MSNBC, he took a moment at the end to address Bevin’s comments.

“I just have to say, this nitwit governor in Kentucky, saying that ‘Oh, we’re weak,’” the “Today” show weatherman said, referring to Bevin’s radio interview. “These are kids who are going to be in subzero wind chill. No, cancel school! Stop it!”

Roker wrapped up his thoughts by concluding, “I’m glad you’re not a teacher!”

Watch Roker’s comments in the video above.

And stay warm and stay home!



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