Keynoting at the CUNY IT Conference!

Dear Commons Community,

I spent yesterday at the CUNY IT Conference.  It has grown well over the past several years and has evolved into the premier event on technology and higher education in the New York City area.  I attended several very interesting presentations, all on the application of technology.  

I will be giving the keynote (see abstract below) today (Friday) at 11:00 am.  If you are at the conference, stop by to say hello!



Keynote Presentation

The Evolution of IT at the City University of New York: 1961 – 2031!
The City University of New York was established in 1961 to provide higher education opportunities to the people of New York City and its environs. One important aspect of CUNY’s evolution is the role that IT has played in helping students to learn, faculty to teach and administrators to lead and to serve. The purpose of this presentation is to trace the history of IT at CUNY since its inception. Vignettes of the people who made significant contributions will serve as an important thread throughout this presentation which will conclude with speculation of how IT may evolve in the not-too-distant future. In making this presentation, Dr. Anthony Picciano will rely on his 50 years at CUNY, as well as on material that he collected for his recently published book, CUNY’s First Fifty Years: Triumphs and Ordeals of a People’s University, co-authored with Chet Jordan.


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