Fox News Neil Cavuto to President Trump:  “Last time I checked, you are the president of the United States… Why don’t you act like it?”

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Fox News host Neil Cavuto called out President Donald Trump over his latest Twitter attacks.   As reported by the Huffington Post:

“Over the weekend, in separate tweets, Trump went after Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and LaVar Ball, the father of one of three UCLA basketball players arrested in China on shoplifting charges. Trump took credit for the players’ release, and when Ball refused to thank him, he tweeted that he “should have left them in jail.”

Cavuto wasn’t having it. 

“Forget about either comment not being presidential,” he said. “At what point does the president see such remarks don’t even border on being human?”

Cavuto said Trump’s attacks are like “using a bazooka to respond to a pea shooter.”

Then, he really laid into Trump for demanding “gratitude bordering on groveling,” and urged him to pick his battles. 

“Last time I checked, you are the president of the United States,” he said. “Why don’t you act like it?”

Cavuto has made headlines before for his stinging criticism of the president. 

In October, he warned Trump over attacks on fellow Republicans, telling the president “you are running out of friends.” 

And in June, Cavuto told the president to stop scapegoating the media. 

“Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that’s your problem,” he said. “It’s you.” 

Many news people and reporters have criticized Trump for his boorish behavior since he was elected president.  However, Fox News has generally been the exception in supporting his every move and action.  It is good to see someone from this organization publicly take issue with the president for his lack of respect and honor for the position he holds.


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