New Orleans: INNOVATE in Full Swing!

Dear Commons Community,

The INNOVATE Conference here in New Orleans is in full swing.  I attended the OLC Leadership Network session yesterday led by Eric Fredericksen and Peter Shea where there was lots of sound advice for planning and strategizing about how to mount online education initiatives.  Last night a group of us had dinner at one of New Orleans fine restuarants, NOLA.  Great food and discussion!

I will be on a panel this afternoon (4:00 pm – Bayside B) on Higher Education’s Digital Future with Patsy Moskal, Mary Niemiec and Karen Swan.  See abstract below.

Stop by!



Higher Education’s Digital Future

A panel of leading educators will speculate on higher education’s digital future.  The discussants will consider both the near future (2020s) and more distant future (2030s and beyond) and will explore the roles of adaptive technology, brain-machine interfaces, and artificial intelligence on teaching and learning.  The panel will specifically examine predictions posited in the book Online Education Policy and Practice: The Past, Present, and Future of the Digital University (Taylor & Francis/Routledge, 2017) by Anthony G. Picciano,


Patsy Moskal, Associate Director for the Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Central Florida (UCF) 

Mary Niemiec, Associate Vice President for Digital Education and Director, University of Nebraska Online

Karen Swan, James J. Stukel Distinguished Professor in Educational Leadership, University of Illinois, Springfield

Anthony G. Picciano, Professor and Executive Officer, PhD Program in Urban Education, City University of New York Graduate Center



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