Video: Bill O’Reilly Sparks Media Firestorm by Affirming the “White Establishment”!





Dear Commons Community,

Bill O’Reilly sparked outrage on Fox News on Tuesday night for what he described as the “hidden reason” behind calls to abolish the Electoral College.  Above is a video clip (O’Reilly comes in at the 30 second mark).

O’Reilly declares “This is all about race,” the conservative commentator said on his Fox News show. “The left sees white privilege in America as an oppressive force that must be done away with. Therefore white working class voters must be marginalized.”

He later added that liberals believe “white men have set up a system of oppression and that system must be destroyed … The left wants power taken away from the white establishment and they want a profound change in the way America is run.”

O’Reilly’s admission of “white privilege” and the “white establishment” have been likened to a sort of American apartheid on twitter.  Joan Walsh, political correspondent for MSNBC tweeted:

“So @DavidCornDC says what we all must: Bill O’Reilly has passed into Afrikaner territory. We are becoming South Africa.”


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