Elizabeth Warren:  Donald Trump is a Man with a “Dark and Ugly Soul”!

Dear Commons Community,

Senator Elizabeth Warren is the one Democrat who is most cutting in her characterizations of Donald Trump.  Over the weekend in Ohio while campaigning for Hillary Clinton, she called him a “nasty little bully” and a man with a “dark and ugly soul.”  As reported by NBC News:

“In Cleveland on Sunday, Warren targeted Trump for “inviting his followers to commit a terrible act of violence on his opponent,” charging only “a little bully who can’t win in a fair fight” would do such a thing.

Warren added that “Trump has led the charge on the “birther” movement and only when his handlers tied him down and made him did he finally admit that it wasn’t true.”

“What kind of a man does that? A man with a dark and ugly soul. A man that will never be president,” she said.

Ohio remains a key swing state, particularly for Trump, whose path to the White House narrows considerably without the state. But recent polls have shown the Republican opening a slight lead on Clinton, and Democrats are concerned he could win the state if their voters stay home.

To avoid that possibility, the Clinton campaign dispatched two of the liberal movement’s most beloved figures this weekend to rev up millennial voters:  Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, both of whom delivered red meat to the liberal base at college campuses across Ohio.”

Red meat indeed!


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