DNC: President Obama, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, and Michael Bloomberg!


Dear Commons Community,

Last night was one for the ages as speaker after speaker gave eloquent and inspiring messages to a receptive Democratic National Convention crowd that loved what was being said.

President Obama was powerful as he passed the leadership of the Democratic Party and hopefully the presidency to Hillary Clinton. As newswoman Andrea Mitchell said afterwards, he may be the best president at public speaking since Abraham Lincoln.

Vice President Joe Biden gave a raucous speech filled with patriotism which had the crowd chanting USA USA USA.  He also showed his human, sensitive side in talking about his son, Beau, who died last year of cancer.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, represented the strong but humble yeoman politician who invoked his family to good affect.  He also called out Donald Trump on failing to release his tax returns.

But for me, Michael Bloomberg, had the zingers for the evening.  A New York businessman, he tells it like it is.  He commented that Donald Trump was “a risky, reckless, and radical choice”.  He questioned Trump’s business acumen referring to his string of bankruptcies and the way he treats contractors. For me the best line from Bloomberg and maybe for the evening: 

“I am a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one”.

A  con indeed!



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