First Day of the Republican Convention:  Quick Recap!

Dear Commons Community,

The media is awash reporting and commenting on the first day of the Republican Convention. Summaries are readily available in the newspapers, social media, and televised programs.  My own quick impressions were as follows:

The Convention opened with an interesting floor fight precipitated by the last vestiges of the Never-Trump Movement.  Some pundits called it a rebellion, others called it a minor squabble.

The theme of Making America safe again resonated well with the attendees.

Donald Trump’s wife Melania did an effective job in letting the audience know more about who she was. [Later this morning, it was reported that parts of Melania’s speech were plagiarized from a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008]

Rudy Giuliani was his usual bombastic self.  Many of us in New York view him as a very divisive figure whose comments about minorities are usually outlandish and hurtful.  He played well to the Republican crowd.


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