Online Learning Journal (OLJ) Devotes Issue to Learning Analytics!

Dear Commons Community,

The June 2016 issue (Vol. 20, (2)) of the Online Learning Journal(OLJ) is dedicated to research on learning analytics.   As described by the guest editors, Karen Vignare and Patsy Moskal:

“…the nine articles provide a range of information including reviewing the literature, examining frameworks in development, presenting a large scale analysis on the effectiveness of learning modalities from the PAR Framework, examining an international study of learning, and providing real-world learning analytics case studies on transfer, facilitation, and medical education. Each of the articles provides new and informative research that we hope can help readers make decisions about applying analytics within the context of their own online teaching and learning environments. This collection of articles presents readers with information about designing environments within online learning while also highlighting studies that expand upon what exists in currently published research. The authors here represent a significant contribution to practical decision making for administrators, insights for faculty teaching online courses, and works for other researchers to build upon.”

I have read the first two articles and plan to read the remaining seven.  The articles are available for free download at:

Well-done issue on an important instructional technology!


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