Republican Party Nomination: And Then There Was One as Kasich Drops Out!

Dear Commons Community,

John Kasich suspended his presidential campaign yesterday thereby eliminating the last remaining Republican opponent to Donald Trump.  Even though Kasich polled higher than Donald Trump against Hillary Clinton, his candidacy never really caught fire having only won his home state of Ohio.  As reported by the New York Times:

“In a brief speech on Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Kasich focused mostly on the people he met on the campaign trail. He said that their stories reminded him that “the spirit, the essence of America lies in the hearts and souls of us.”

He did not mention his opponents or any specifics about his future. “As I suspend my campaign today, I have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the Lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life,” he said.

Mr. Kasich hoped to be an alternative to Mr. Trump in a contested convention in July. It remains to be seen whether he will support Donald Trump as the GOP standard bearer.  


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