Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Win Big in New York!

Dear Commons Community,

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in the New York primary held yesterday.  With 98 percent of the precincts reporting, Trump had 60 percent of the Republican vote and Clinton had 58 percent of the Democratic vote. As reported by the New York Times:

“Donald J. Trump wrested back control of the Republican presidential race on Tuesday with a commanding victory in the New York primary, while Hillary Clinton dealt a severe blow to Senator Bernie Sanders with an unexpectedly strong win that led her to declare that the Democratic nomination was “in sight.”

The Queens-born, Manhattan-made Mr. Trump was poised to take most of the 95 Republican delegates at stake, substantially adding to his current lead over Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and significantly improving his chances of winning the Republican nomination. Mr. Cruz came away with no delegates, a major setback, while Gov. John Kasich of Ohio had a shot at picking up some in Manhattan and the capital region.

Mrs. Clinton’s decisive victory ended a string of wins by Mr. Sanders and gave her more delegates than her advisers expected. Her base of support was Long Island, the five boroughs, and upstate cities, with female and black and Hispanic voters turning out for her in especially strong numbers.”

Onward to Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland next week!


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