At Rutgers University – Camden Today: The eLearning Conference 2015!

Rutgers eLearning Conference 2015

Dear Commons Community,

Today I will be at Rutgers University in Camden at the eLearning Conference 2015. The program includes a number of excellent presentations by faculty on innovative uses of online technology. I will be giving a talk entitled, The Online Learning Landscape: Implications for Teaching and Learning. It will focus on a review of the state of online and blended learning and their implications for teaching and pedagogical practice. This presentation will trace back to how we got to where we are as a succession of four waves or stages starting in 1993:

  • The First Wave (The Beginnings) – 1990s
  • The Second Wave (Into the Mainstream) – Early 2000s
  • The Third Wave (The MOOC Phenomenon) – 2008 to 2013
  • The Fourth Wave (Reconciliation of the Blended and MOOC Models) – 2014 ->

For each wave, pedagogical models as well as critical research and evidence will be referenced.  The presentation will conclude with speculation as to where online and blended learning technology is heading in the not-too-distant future.

See you in Camden!


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