In South Africa: Finished My First Workshop!

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Dear Commons Community,

Today I finished my workshop with faculty considering doing  research on technology-enhanced learning in higher education.  I enjoyed having the opportunity to explore with them various possibilities.  They were an excellent group and a credit to North-West University.

During the lunch break, I took a quick walk and had my camera with me.  Above is a photo of a small herd of springbok in a field about a hundred yards from the library.  Because there are several ponds on the campus and the Vaal River, waterfowl are common.  There is a gaggle of about fifty white geese that are nesting near the library.  Below are three of these geese on the entrance ramp leading up to the library.  I have also seen from a window in the library monkeys and all types of colorful birds.

Tomorrow is Election Day in South Africa and the University is closed.  I have been invited to a barbecue at one of the administrator’s homes.


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