Saving CUNY’s Past: Program at the CUNY Graduate Center on April 9th!

Saving CUNYs Past

Dear Commons Community,

The American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning is launching a CUNY Digital History Archive with a public program on Wednesday, April 9th entitled SAVING CUNY’S PAST — The Story of Open Admissions. Speakers and panelists will include public higher education advocates who were active in the fight for open admissions in the sixties and seventies and in the movement against cutbacks from the eighties to the present. The project is trying to recruit as many participants as possible from the CUNY community past and present to join the archive effort, tell their stories and contribute documents.

This is a most worthwhile endeavor.  Anyone interested in or who was a part of the CUNY community in the late 60s and 70s, will find this a most interesting evening.    For more information, see:



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